”Our ethos is to supply the best possible customer service at an economical rate.”
Now consider the money saving benefits of grabbing one of our fully re-furbished and possibly customized pre-loved mobility scooters and power chairs.

We have from time to time, a selection of used mobility scooters and power chairs for sale. Unless sold “as is,” our used mobility scooters and power chairs are usually refurbished and sold with new batteries. They can be accessorized to your specs.

Dependant on their age, the refurbished mobility scooters and power chairs range in price from around $500.00 up dependent on final specs etc.

Hiring becomes the worthwhile alternative that makes good economic sense

Whether you need to rent short or long term, then Tropical Mobility Solutions have an economical solution to suit your requirements We can supply a range of suitable vehicles from an amazing $20.00 per week. You keep your valuable dollars in the bank earning you interest while your lease and or rental payments are covering all your needs in the short term.

New mobility scooters from Townsville's leading supplier
Let us introduce you to our exciting range of Townsville mobility scooters and power chairs for sale from Merits Australia and Scooters Australia.
Manufacturer backed accessories for scooters
We work with major suppliers such as Out & About Health Care and Scooters Australia to fit and supply a wide variety of accessories for your scooter
Mobility scooter parts, repairs, accessories and servicing
Fully equipped service vehicles cater for all on site servicing and have the ability to get you moving again fast in the rare occasion you experience a breakdown.


We are located at 10 Turnbull St, Garbutt (Townsville QLD)

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